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                                  B SERIES 10 & 14 HEADS WEIGHER

                                  The key feature of the B series multihead weigher is its sliding and inserting drive/weigh unit. It provides much easy access for maintenance. Due to this design,the drive/weigh unit will anchor to the central column when maintenance and replacement is required.

                                  In B series weigher,the traditionally electronic system is upgraded, each heads now has its independent electronic board responsible for weighing,driving and processing.It provides much easy maintenance for the weigher.

                                  Product Details

                                  Gantan B series weigher is considered  the most advanced, user friendly and reliable chinese weigher

                                  Loadcell product level control- Loadcell is used under the central vibrator to control the feeding of the bucket elevator. It is more efficient and precise to control the product level on the weigher

                                  candy weigher

                                  Modular control - Each head has an independent control unit. It will not interfere with other heads even when fault is developed. This design will significantly reduce the downtime of the machine and minimise the risk of machine failure.

                                  chips weigher

                                  New interface

                                  The quickest leaning and easiest HMI interface available on a Chinese weigher.

                                  snacks weigher

                                  Only the Best load cells

                                  Food Weights Scale


                                  Multihead Combination Weighers     Multihead Weighing Solutions

                                  Weigh Heads

                                  10 14

                                  Max Speed

                                  65 wpm

                                  90 wpm

                                  Hopper Capacity

                                  1.3L, 2.5L, 4L & 5L 1.3L, 2.5L, 4L & 5L

                                  Control Panel

                                  10" touch screen 10" touch screen

                                  Driving system

                                  step motor step motor

                                  Level control

                                  Loadcell Loadcell


                                  plain, dimple, teflon plain, dimple, teflon


                                  SUS 304 SUS 304

                                  Power Supply

                                  220V / 50HZ 220V / 50HZ

                                  * All product layout on the website is only an estimate, a final confirmed layout will be provided upon enquiry.


                                  • Remote control by WIFI connection ( optional )
                                  • Camera connection ( optional )
                                  • Automatic frequency control of vibration
                                  • Auto zeroing during operation
                                  • Self diagnostic in pop up window
                                  • Multiple dumps for bulk weighing
                                  • Stagger dump for applications with large unit size
                                  • Rejection of unqualified weight
                                  • Live display of individual amplitude
                                  • Live display of individual weight readings
                                  • Central loadcell infeed confrolling
                                  • Forced combination for frozen products

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