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                                  • Gantan spark series-for multiple discharge
                                    • Sep 04, 2018

                                    The spark series weigher is also of handling up to 8 multiple points discharge.Multiple discharge is widely used with HFFS,Thermoforming machines and Multilane machine.With the boots of memory bucket,...

                                  • Gantan spark series-for mixing
                                    • Sep 04, 2018

                                    The new spark series weigher is the latest and the most advanced weighing solution form Gantan,the outcome of continuous commitment in R&D and years' of experiences on the weighing field. The spar...

                                  • The perfect solution for special applications
                                    • May 28, 2019

                                    GANTAN SEMI AUTOMATIC WEIGHER SE series is the semi-automatic combination weigher purposely designed for products which are still been handled manually such a whole piece of fruit and meat steak. Prod...

                                  • Ideal For Fine Weighing
                                    • May 28, 2019

                                    Gantan compact weigher is the ultimate weigher for handling small weight portion. The compact weigher is also with Gantan's Modular system; in addition, the HMI user interface remains the same as all ...

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