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                                  • Mixing Projects

                                    Mixing Projects Gantan has recently installed and commioned for one mixing project. The final user requested one weigher to mix weighing 4 kinds of products with required ratio and final total weights. Gantan has proposed its latest Spark series 24 heads with memory bucket to handle the job. Each product is individually weighed to ensure the required ratio, a unique automatic compensation system is also developed...
                                  • Gummy bear projects

                                    Gummy bear projects Gantan has recently succesfully installed three units of multihead weigher for the gummy bear project. Gummy candy is one of the most challenging type of products to multihead weighers due to its stickness. The fine tuned vibrator system from Gantan has successfully not only to move the sticky products but aslo control the product flow to reach a samll weighing portion of only 6 pieces. The high p...
                                  • 24 heads Quadruplex weigher

                                    24 heads Quadruplex weigher Gantan has made another sounding statement by introducing it 24 heads memory quadruplex weigher. The weigher is 24 heads with memory bucket. The entire weigher is constructed with compact design which resulted in small size but max performance up to 240 wpm. The first weigher is installed on a 4 pouches HFFS machine. The weigher is required to make 4 dumps at same time with 50 cycles/m.
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