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                                  • Great success at Interpack 2017
                                    Great success at Interpack 2017
                                    • 2017-05-17

                                    Gantan has enjoyed another great success at Interpack 2017 ! This year's interpack is the thrid participation from Gantan. We have recieved great visits from our customers and  partners from Europe and other regions. Gantan has demonstrated during the show its capabilty to produce premium quality standard products as well as handling difficult customised project.

                                  • Gantan India office & Packplus South
                                    Gantan India office & Packplus South
                                    • 2014-09-17

                                    To cope with the rapid market growth, taking consideration of the market size and growth rate. Gantan has establised its first overseas branch office in Delhi, India in August, 2013. Gantan india is 100% owned by Gantan packaging machinery Co., Ltd with its head office in Guangzhou, China. Gantan inida office will committe to carry out sales, after sales and makerting activities across India. The ...

                                  • Gantan Interpack 2014
                                    Gantan Interpack 2014
                                    • 2014-05-21

                                    Gantan has taken its participation at interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf for the second time. Since our first participation in 2011, Gantan has successfully differentiated itself from the other producers with its unique vision and approach to its products and the market. Gantan's participation in 2014 has reinforced our position as the leading supplier for the premium multihead weighing products. It has...

                                  • Overwhelming success at Interpack 2011
                                    Overwhelming success at Interpack 2011
                                    • 2011-06-08

                                    Gantan has had its first participation at Interpack in Dusseldolf in May. Despite its first ever appearance, Gantan has enjoyed a overwhelming response from the vistors and customers. Gantan has exhibited 1st generation 14 heads, 2nd generation 14 heads as well as its high speed 18 heads weigher at its two side openning 36 sqm booth. The design and the manufacturing excellence of products have att...

                                  • Benchmark 18 Heads Weigher
                                    Benchmark 18 Heads Weigher
                                    • 2010-07-02

                                    Gantan has introduced its newly developed M series 18 heads weighier to the market and the response is overwhelming. Apart from the 18 heads already exsited on the market, which is literally wielding two 9 heads together, the Gantan M series 18 heads can be implemented on three different modes. For the three different working modes, please refer to the details in the products section. For more inf...

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