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                                  Gantan Service Policy

                                  In order to provide you with promote & effective after sale service concerning parts replacement and technical assistance. We would like you to take notice of the following:

                                  1.  Please always keep record of the Machine Identification number, it is a three digits located on the corner of the machine base below the grounding terminal.

                                  See below picture.

                                  smart tech weighing solution

                                  2. Please quote this three digits number when spare parts or technical assitance is required. This number will help us to identify if the machines is still within the warranty period and also could help us to identify the software version etc.

                                  3.  Warranty period is 12 months starting from the day which the machine is dispatched plus one month. For example, if the machine leaves our facility on the 1st, Jan, 2013, the warranty will end at 1st, Feb, 2014.

                                  4.  Within warranty, both mechanical and electronic parts could be replaced free of charge. All damages caused by improper use are excluded. Damaged boards are required to be sent back within 2 weeks.

                                  5. Out of warranty period, free spare parts will no longer will provided.

                                  Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

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