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                                  Weigher for stick shaped products

                                  • 2014-05-22

                                  The customised weigher for stick shaped products was introduced the market in late 2011. As the only customised chinese weigher for such kind of products, it has enjoyed an overwhelming success on the market.

                                  Recently, Gantan has successfully installed 5 units of this weigher at one of the largest production plant for stick shaped biscuit in middle east. And both customer and Gantan are satisfied with the result.

                                  Customer were using semi automatic packaging system but with manual filling to keep the orientation of the sticks. And the orientation of the sticks inside the pouch was one of the major concerns for the customer when they aprroached us.

                                  With the Gantan GT-O series weigher, they have eventually found the solution for it.

                                  For information on this weigher, please visit: http://www.qkvy.icu/weigher-for-stick-shaped-product_p9.html

                                  the weigher for stick shaped products

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